Fargo 86177 Printer Cleaning Kit


Included with the cleaning kit:

  • 4 print head cleaning swabs
  • 10 cleaning cards for the card feed rollers

Product Description

The Fargo 86177 Printer Cleaning Kit contains everything needed to clean the inside of a Fargo printer to keep it working optimally. Dust and other debris can lower the image quality on badges and it could damage the print head or other parts within the printer. Routine cleanings insure the image quality is the highest possible and that the printer will last longer.

Printer cleaning kits typically have a shelf life of around one year.

The Fargo 86177 Printer Cleaning Kit works with these printers:

  • M30
  • M30e
  • C30
  • C30e
  • C50
  • DTC300
  • DTC400
  • DTC400e
  • DTC1000
  • DTC1000M
  • DTC1250e
  • DTC4000
  • DTC4250e
  • DTC4500
  • DTC4500e