A few tips for successful ID card design

Designing your own ID cards doesn’t have to be complicated, or frightening. To get you going, we’ve complied a few tips for successful ID card design.

First, ask yourself a few questions about your ID card objectives to help you start defining the parameters of your card design:
  • How many employees, contractors and visitors do we have? Will we have separate card designs for each?
  • How many different areas of our organization will interact with the cards? Will we need different levels of security clearance for each?
  • Does our card design need to comply with any government regulations?
  • How will we verify and authenticate the identity of each cardholder?
Once those questions are answered, it’s time to start designing.
  1. Make sure that you’re using a 300 DPI color photograph. This higher resolution makes it easier to authenticate the cardholder.
  2. While designing, keep in mind bar codes and other images. If placed on too dark of a background, some of these features may not easily be detected by readers.
  3. If you’re planning on using a lanyard hook, allow room for a hole punch in your design.
  4. The same line of thinking goes for holograms and other fraud-detection elements. Allow enough space to insert these components without covering up a vital piece of information.

Remember, Badge Pro allows card designs to be printed to paper for proofing so there is no need to worry about getting things perfect the first time around!

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