BadgePro allows users to create their own ID card and badges for staff, visitors, access control and more.

BadgePro systems easily produce cards which combine rich graphics with the industry’s largest complement of fraud-resistant design capabilities-all from your own office.  It provides an extensive set of tools for card design, data entry and retrieval, image acquisition and printing cards.

Features such as an intuitive operator interface, a full array of system administration tools, multi-level security and powerful card design capabilities make these systems second to none.

Database Flexibility

BadgePro comes complete with a unified personnel and card database to manage unlimited user definable data fields and tables. User-friendly features assist in importing and exporting data to and from other applications such as Human Resources, time and attendance and other access control systems.


Badge Design

Pre-configured card designs make it a snap to begin designing your badge. BadgePro design tools enable users to customize badges with your organization’s logo and color scheme. Easy to use graphic design tools provide the latest in card design features, including watermarks, ghostable background images, adjustable transparency levels, holograms and signature pads. Card designs can easily be shared between office locations to ensure the consistency of badge images.

BadgePro allows you to add standard and PDF barcodes, magnetic stripe encoding and variable intensity ghosted images to your badges.


Badge Printing

BadgePro supports Windows compatible printers regardless of the brand. Card designs can be printed to paper for proofing, or directly to the badge cards.


Integrated Image Capture

BadgePro allows users to capture images using a wide range of digital cameras and video devices to suit any organization’s requirements and budget. The system also allows users to capture signatures and fingerprints directly within the system. User friendly image enhancement tools maximize image quality.


Image Storage

BadgePro images are saved in JPEG format. Images are stored within a database as well as in dedicated directories for easy access.


Report Generation

An easy to use report designer enables users to create custom reports, including yearbook style photo reports, personnel and badge detail reports and many others.



Security features include customizable global password policies, login schedules and application logs that record software actions including database operations at the record level.


Operating Environments

BadgePro operates across PC networks and easily accommodates multi-user network installations. The system is able to run on Microsoft Windows 7, 8, & 10.


Complete Turnkey System

Our trained, professional staff is able to install a complete turnkey system for you. From choosing the appropriate equipment to setting up printers and cameras, our team will have you creating your own badges in no time.  Call 1-800-536-9077 for more information.

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