Effortlessly record and preserve your important interviews and recordings.

IPro™ Interview Management System is software for recording, importing, exporting and securely managing digital audio and video.

IPro™ is ideal for

  • Police Departments
  • Attorneys
  • Children’s Advocacy Centers
  • Universities
  • Insurance agencies
  • Businesses

IPro is available as a single user application or a networked enterprise application.

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Think beyond the traditional “4 room” or “2 camera systems”

  • IPro™ systems scale to your needs
  • Currently supports unlimited rooms and up to 4 cameras per room
  • Recordings can be started from a PC or by push button, keyed switch, or room occupancy with additional hardware

Don’t have an interview room?

  • IPro™ can be set up in conference or meeting rooms
  • In the field with IPro™ Go and your webcam

Protect the privacy of children, confidential informants, and attorney client privilege with independent video and audio disabling features.

  • Audio only recording for sensitive subjects
  • Go off the record by temporarily disabling both video and audio

Maintain an audit trail of every file entering or exiting the system

  • New ability to import multimedia files and maintain the same integrity as expected from IPro
  • Import dash or body cam, CCTV surveillance video, audio recordings or cell phone footage
  • Every export is logged who, what, when, where, and how
  • Confirm the integrity of the file through SHA-512 hashing

Only pay for what you need

  • Our licensing approach is based upon concurrent users
  • Install on all PCs in your organization at no additional charge

Custom security settings

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