Visitor Management: Where to Begin?

Site security is becoming ever more important, and one of the best ways to control personnel at your facility is through visitor management. There is no one answer as to what type of visitor management is best, but there are a few good places to start. Let’s take a look.

Have visitors check in at one, controlled entrance. By having visitors check in from one entrance, you’re better able to manage who has access into your facility. Some of our customers have locked entrances requiring visitors to be buzzed/allowed into the building. Others simply have a check-in point where visitors are screened and checked-in by someone at the front desk.

Require visitors to wear badges while on site. At larger facilities, it can often be difficult for employees to be proactive in stopping unwelcome visitors as they may not always know who has permission to be on site. Through products such as BadgePro, companies are able to print visitor identification cards right on the spot to help identify a person as being an authorized visitor. For those who don’t want to print a new ID card for each visitor, generic badges can be used, or badges can be printed to paper from BadgePro.

Paper Visitor Badge

Utilize access control devices at secondary exterior doors. Requiring staff to swipe an access card or enter a PIN at an exterior door is often a great way of controlling access into your site. Our high-level security customers use multiple identification methods (also known as two-factor authentication) such as requiring both an access card and PIN to enter a facility. Often times, though, a simple access card or PIN will do.

Inform staff when visitors will be in the facility. Giving your staff a heads-up when visitors will be present can reduce the confusion of seeing a new face in the building. Depending on the size and type of business you’re in, it may be beneficial to alert staff that a visitor is coming prior to their arrival. This allows personnel to be better aware of the coming and going of individuals, and in turn be better able to detect potential intruders.

Visitor badge image Parliament Visitor Pass by David Holt licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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